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Automation is one of the latest trends in the QA industry. As all of you know, Selenium is the most famous tool for QA engineers for automating web applications. It reduces the time and effort and increases the productivity of the company. Therefore most companies are moving from manual testing to automation with selenium.

Selenium already has proved that it’s the go-tool for automation. But to work with selenium, we need some programming knowledge. The level of programming/technical knowledge depends on the project we are working on. Because, if the complexity is really high and if it has in-depth test cases to test, I think we must improve our knowledge up to that technical level to work with selenium. So what do you think about scriptless automation?

There are some more selenium alternatives that have found in 2020 by experts.

Today I” ll briefly explain about “Testsigma” which is a tool that helps us to do scriptless automation. It’s a SaaS, AI-driven test automation software for web and mobile.

Scriptless automation doesn’t require in-depth technical skills or coding knowledge to start. You should have fluent knowledge about your project and the test cases. Using Testsigma, you can easily write the test steps relevant to the test case in simple English, map them to the elements and actions in the backend and run the test cases. Since we use simple English here, anyone can review it easily and give comments. (Either PM or anyone)

This Testsigma tool can be used for cross-browser automation, web services testing, and mobile testing for both android and iOS. They offer different operating systems, browser versions, and devices. The mobile testing can be run on the cloud on a range of physical devices that Testsigma offers.

There are many features in this tool. I didn’t go through all the features yet. In the following video, I” ll show you how to do a basic test case run using the Testsigma. You can get some basic knowledge about the tool watching the following video.

It’s pretty cool? Isn’t it? You can get the free trial version and explore the tool if you are interested. Here is the link.

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