Introduction to Apache Maven

What is Apache Maven?

Maven is a popular open source build automation tool which is based on POM(Page Object Model). It helps to manage builds, documentation, reporting, releases and also distribution as well.

Maven configuration

Make sure to install the JDK and configure the JAVA_HOME environment variable in your machine.

What is groupId, artifactId and version?

When creating a maven project, we have to add groupId, artifactId and the version. Follow the standards when adding those attributes since it helps to uniquely identify our project in the repository.

POM file (Page Object Model)

This is the fundamental unit of maven. This is an XML file. It includes all the required dependencies, plugins, goals, project versions etc. Basically it contains the details and configurations which maven needs when building the project.

Maven Architecture

Image 1: High level Maven Architecture

Maven Commands

Basically we are using below commands in our projects.

Maven Plugins

There are various plugins in maven. Basically the whole functionality of maven based on plugins. We can use those plugins to generate reports and documentation as well.

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