In this article, I’m going to briefly explain some key areas we should touch on when testing mobile applications.

Documentation testing

Before moving to functional-wise testing, we should analyze the documents we have received . Eg: Scope/requirements document, navigational charts, etc. We must resolve if we have any contradictions in the documents before starting the development cycle.


We should verify the business flow going through the functionalities. You can follow your test cases when doing the testing. As QA Engineers, you should know that there is a happy path and many negative paths too. So we must document the test cases for…

Agile is a project management methodology which consists of development cycles or sprints. It’s totally based on iterative development. Not like waterfall methodology, here we do the testing concurrently. So the quality of the product would be really good. Basically we use this agile methodology in large projects only.

What is scrum? It’s a process framework we use in agile. As describe in the scrum guide, sprint is the heartbeat of scrum. It’s a predefined time to complete a set of tasks. Other than scrum, there are some other frameworks too. Eg: Kanban, XP, FDD

Basically in scrum, there are…

What is Apache Maven?

Maven is a popular open source build automation tool which is based on POM(Page Object Model). It helps to manage builds, documentation, reporting, releases and also distribution as well.

If we don’t use maven, we face several issues. We have to add the relevant jar files in each project manually. Also have to create the correct project structure. Otherwise that won’t be executed.

Basically maven provides developers a complete build lifecycle framework.

Maven configuration

Make sure to install the JDK and configure the JAVA_HOME environment variable in your machine.

1.In Windows

Then download Apache Maven from their official website. Add JAVA_HOME and…

In my first article about J meter, I simply gave an introduction about JMeter tool. Basically we use JMeter for performance testing/load testing. This tool consists of lots of features and we can use those certain features according to our requirements. In my previous JMeter article, I just compared google and yahoo servers. We didn’t add more features. It was just a simple demonstration. But I think it’s good to get some more understanding about this tool.

In this article I will explain some more features about JMeter which I have learned recently. …

What is an API?

API means, Application Programming Interface. Developers use these APIs when building software applications. (Simply what it does is, send requests to the server and bring back the response to the client. It works as an intermediate carrier. ) When you are using Facebook, Instagram, Checking weather report, sending a text message, play a song on mobile, you are using an API in all these occasions.

The most popular example to explain the behavior of API is, Just think you are going to a restaurant. You order a burger and the waiter serves the burger. Here you…

J-meter is an open-source tool that we can use to measure the performance of the web application. Both load and stress testing come under performance testing.

Load testing: How many users can access the system/service simultaneously.

Stress testing: There is a maximum load capacity. If the load goes beyond that, it shows errors, and sometimes system breaks or getting slow. We must identify that capacity.

So if the system can handle a large number of users concurrently, the performance is really good.

Just imagine, you need to test the performance of your website for 1000 users. But you can’t arrange…

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my account.

Automation is one of the latest trends in the QA industry. As all of you know, Selenium is the most famous tool for QA engineers for automating web applications. It reduces the time and effort and increases the productivity of the company. Therefore most companies are moving from manual testing to automation with selenium.

Selenium already has proved that it’s the go-tool for automation. But to work with selenium, we need some programming knowledge. The level of programming/technical knowledge depends on the project we are working on. Because, if the complexity is really high…

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